Customer and 3rd Party Online Issue Reporting

TransUnion is committed to processes that protect the security and integrity of confidential consumer credit data. We encourage our customers and partners to assist TransUnion in fulfilling this critical obligation by reporting known or suspected violations – by any person – of TransUnion contracts, policies, or state and federal laws regulating the use of consumer credit information.

The TransUnion Ethics and Compliance Customer and 3rd Party Portal is a way to allow our customers and other 3rd parties to notify TransUnion of any business conduct that could be considered a data breach, fraud, unethical conduct or unauthorized access to credit report information.

Data Breach Services

If your business or organization needs help preparing for, or recovering from a data breach, TransUnion’s Data Breach Services can help you respond to a data breach or fraud event with speed, strength and confidence. For more information on how TransUnion can assist you and your customers in mitigating potential losses, while protecting your brand and reputation, visit our Data Breach Services page.

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Follow up on a Submission


When submitting a report please complete as many questions of the Web Report Form as possible - required fields are noted by an asterisk (*). No information will be transmitted until you click the submit button.